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Dove Song & Medicine

Just as wrote the tile of this post, a dove came to my back patio door as if to say, "Yes, write about our medicine!" It cooed as it looked at me - sending the coherent frequencies of peace and wisdom for all who are close enough to hear. For those who can feel their energy, their coo is just part of their medicine. Another part is their healing energy; their presence is healing. They bring energy healing gifts to those who are open to them. However it goes beyond that into the medicine of their spirits. Their songs, sounds, and energy represent their spirit medicine manifested.

The other day I woke up before dawn and a dove was cooing. It was so calming and peaceful I remained present with it's coo and drifted easily back to sleep. Later I wondered if the dove's coo was just the medicine I needed at that time. Apparently it was or I wouldn't have heard it. We are given medicine from nature all the time, even while inside our homes. But are we paying attention!?

I have a thing for birds (and apparently birds have a thing for me). I think it's because I look to them as an important part of life. I appreciate their gifts, messages and beauty. (A crow caws!) We have lost the ability to know what gifts they are trying to bestow on us and to understand their messages, but it's important to get the ability back. (The dove cooed.) After all, nature medicine is free and powerful. Birds and all animals are here to reinforce our connection to our intuition, to nature, and give us guidance. We are being interacted with by nature all the time.

Being that most birds can take flight, they are directly related to the air element, which is the mind and intuition. Doves in particular are powerful messengers. Some sources say that they, along with pigeons, were messenger birds. They are associated with oracle abilities. The week that the pandemic hit, a dove had crashed into my window and was instantly killed. I was crushed and immediately thought, "Uh oh, that is a bad omen for peace." And it was. We took the precious dove and thanked it for all it's gifts to us. It was sad to me that the world lost it's healing presence.

Luckily, most of my interactions with doves have been calming and peaceful. At times I have been awed by their presence. One time many years ago, a dove stayed in my backyard for 4 days and 3 nights. He would come to the patio door to visit my cat, nose to nose through the glass. He'd sleep in the yucca plant at night and then be back by the door in the morning. I put food out, wondering if he had been someone's pet, but he didn't eat it. He was there to be a healer. My husband at the time couldn't wrap his head around the bird's behavior! I felt like I lost a pet when he moved on. Later, when I read the book The Dalai Lama's Cat, I was amazed by the synchronicity that the Himalayan cat in the book was inspired by a real life cat with bird friends. My cat was a Himmy too.

Enjoy the video and tune into the medicine of the dove. The dove helps us shine!


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