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Doctor Says: If EMFs Were an Issue, We'd All Know About It

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

In a previous post, I told the story about how my mainstream doctor who has had no education on man-made EMFs stated incorrectly that, "There is no evidence," to back up my claim that EMFs can affect health. He obviously hasn't seen the studies in medical journals on the topic. And to visit this mainstream doctor, I pay premiums to a health insurance company who is promoting wearing a smart watch 'for health' and prizes. I wish I was making this stuff up! If you have to entice people with prizes, that is a red, lack-of-integrity flag for me. Further, I pay for health insurance to see this doctor who, like most his peers, doesn't understand the issue; meanwhile the insurance companies want to promote the tech agenda. So I have to go outside the mainstream system to find a doctor who understands the issue and pay out of pocket for much of the care. Does any of this make any sense?

I decided to look for a doctor who has more experience with EMFs and found an environmental doctor. In one of our conversations, I was also surprised to hear what he said about EMFs. Now, to give him credit, he suggested certain supplements to take which have been a great addition for me. He told me that people who are sensitive to electro-magnetic frequencies should be taking them. He understands nutrition too and gave me some tips. He does get the EMF issue way better than my mainstream doctor and never verbally slammed the door on the topic. But then he suddenly slipped a comment in there that threw me for a loop:

"If EMFs were an issue for people, we'd all know about it." - (Name of environmental doctor withheld to protect the unaware)

Wow! I think my jaw almost dropped to the floor. I didn't want to argue with him so I said nothing. My intuition told me that it was too heavy a topic for him to address at his age. I thought about how if I was an environmental doctor, the first thing I would do is let clients know that a natural environment is the most healing and that wifi, for example, is not part of a healing environment. I knew he had unfortunately, never seen the medical studies and other literature I've seen - the years of evidence and how, just like cigarette makers, the evidence is shoved under the rug. How are people supposed to know if the issue is not even addressed to medical providers adequately?

Here are the reasons people don't know about the issue with EMFs:

  • Doctors are not taught about the EMF issue. We are electrical beings before we are chemical beings. If you go to a mainstream doctor, they are looking at your chemistry, not your electricity. There is no diagnostic test for EMF sensitivity. To say that EMFs don't affect the body is like putting popcorn in the microwave and asking half the kernels not to pop. Unless the popcorn is old, it doesn't work that way! If you're in an electromagnetic field, your body will respond like it does to all toxins. You just may not know it's responding. Only sensitive people can feel the body's response.

  • To understand EMFs, you have to understand energy. That is why energy medicine practitioners are more helpful with this issue than mainstream doctors. Doctors don't even have to study nutrition to practice medicine. (They practice medicine. They do not teach about health). Studying energy medicine is an even bigger stretch.

  • EMF sensitivity has some specific symptoms, but the fact about it that has many people scratching their heads is that it can affect any body system and manifest in many different ways. It can exploit health weaknesses since it is not nourishing energy. When you give the body junk energy (like wireless), over time there there can be a breakdown in the system just like if you fed it junk food every day. There isn't a specific way the body will react. We are all different and have different weaknesses.

  • The effects of EMF exposure are cumulative. Just like you don't die from smoking one cigarette or from smoking for a few years, you may not have EMF sensitivity issues unless you're exposed for long periods of time to high dosages. It takes years for smoking related illnesses to manifest and it could take years for the effects of EMFs to show.

  • You have to research to find the scientific information. You'll never hear about it on mainstream media. In some places it's even censored.

  • People falsely assume that if telecom companies are allowed to offer products and services that use wireless frequencies, that they have been thoroughly tested for safety. However, human health is not a priority to the telecom regulators or the telecom companies. The health of the planet and all her inhabitants is even a further stretch. That is a hard pill to swallow.

What I've learned from this experience:

  • Someone who has never had EMF sensitivity cannot possibly understand the issue as well as someone who has.

  • Most doctors at this time are looking for physical evidence, but there isn't a diagnostic test. The issue requires intuition, which is not a valued trait. It also requires being educated on the importance of nature's healing frequencies and how man-made EMFs are non-beneficial.

  • The public goes to doctors looking for answers. That is their job and they don't want to tell you they don't know something!

  • Regulators won't deal with the EMF issue until there is enough pressure from the public.

  • Man-made EMFs are a way to wake up humanity to our energetic and electric reality. It's time to live a life outside of the box.

A natural environment is a healing environment. Be natural to shine on!


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