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Create Deep Silence - Beyond What the Ear Can Hear - For Maximum Shine

When I first got my bell rung by man-made EMFs, I started to naturally gravitate toward sound healing, hoping to find soothing sounds to calm the chaos in my body. Since I had heard the hideous sounds my iPhone emitted, which changed my life forever, sound healing seemed like a great way to help balance my body. However, at the height of my sensitivity, it was hard for me to listen to most sound healing (except the natural sounds of nature - such as the wind, birds and water). My nerves had been overloaded with the dirty frequencies of man-made EMFs and all I wanted to do was listen to, well, silence!

In our fast moving, tech centered, sensory overloaded society, silence is not too popular. It's quite an unfortunate thing, really. When there is silence, there is peace. The mind can rest in this peace. It's no wonder we have so little peace on Earth collectively - so few are silent. When there is stillness, there is healing. The body can rest. Is this why so few people truly heal? To me, healing should be a norm, not a miracle. Get to know silence and stillness well.

The issue these days is that silence is harder and harder to come by. Our ancestors would probably go into overload if they suddenly visited our world. Have you ever really stopped and listened to all that is around you? Luckily, we block much of it out, but if you give it a good listen, you'd probably be surprised. There is loud machinery, like leaf blowers and lawn mowers (which the plants don't appreciate "hearing" either btw). There's loud traffic. Planes are loud. People play loud music without caring about other people. People talk loud on their cell phones.

It's well documented that noise can disrupt health.¹ And these are just the audible frequencies.

What about inaudible sound frequencies - can they disrupt health as well? And what about man-made wireless frequencies that aren't considered sound? I believe that any incoherent frequency, which all the above are, can disrupt health.

What's below most people's sense of hearing are the sounds of man-made electromagnetic frequencies such as wifi. Although they are not considered sound, they are frequencies, just like sounds are frequencies. These incoherent frequencies are recognized as toxins to the body. The body will try to adapt to them, but sometimes the body just needs a rest and reset and it's best to be in a place that is as silent (coherent) as possible. Let yourself be embraced by silence - deep silence that is beyond what the ears can hear.

How do you create a place of silence in a world that has gone mad with machinery and tech? First, of course you may have to seek silence if you live in an especially noisy area, even if you have to move. (Been there, done that.) Then there are many things that can be done to create a peaceful space where there is even more silence - audible noise aside. Here, we'll focus on reducing the "racket" of man-made electro-magnetic frequencies, especially wireless - with the goal of achieving even deeper silence:

  • Consider buying an EMF meter. The Safe and Sound radio-frequency meter was one of my first meters. It's a great way to start. You can always buy a more complicated meter later if the need arises. With a meter, you're able to see what the main culprits are that are disrupting a sense of peace in your life. It's best to focus on the bedroom first, then any other room you spend a lot of time in.

  • Experiment to your heart's content with the meter. For example, remove all wireless devices from your bedroom. They will have to be turned off temporarily so they don't interrupt the reading. (As you'll find out from doing experiments, wireless can travel pretty darn far.) Did the meter readings improve?

  • If not, consider testing your bedroom with the wifi router off. (Use discernment of course if you use your wifi for a security system or other system.) Did this help to reduce the meter's reading? If so, great! You may have to figure out a way to kill your wifi for good. (And you may need to hire an expert for that depending on how tech savvy you are).

  • If not, where is the wireless coming from? Is there another device emitting frequency that you forgot about? A friend's phone? A neighbor's wifi? A cell tower nearby?

  • If you can't figure it out and really want your environment to be as peaceful as possible, consider contacting a Building Biologist to help you get down to the bottom of it. EMFs can be tricky and contacting an expert can be invaluable.

I remember the day so clearly when wireless in my home had been tamed by a Building Biologist. The sense of peace was palpable, especially if you are a sensitive. I've heard others mention the same thing - that they don't know how they lived so long with 24/7 wireless. It's such a relief to be in an energetic space that is closer to nature.

We are our environment and our environment is us. There is no separation. Natural noises, like the sound of the wind through the trees or the sound of a waterfall are coherent, life enhancing sounds. Other sounds and frequencies are incoherent and don't offer life enhancing benefits.

You are what you listen to. Choose coherent sounds and frequencies to shine on!


[1] "The Many Health Effects of Noise." Consumer Reports. March 11, 2019.


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