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Connecting to Your Well-Being Feeling - The Song of Life

I believe that well-being is inside us and all around us, but our modern lives have disconnected us from this awareness. The monkey mind gets in the way of the sacred connection, complicating things and creating static. We all know that well!

Our bodies have an innate intelligence and ability to heal. Tapping into the song of life by meditating is one of those ways. Besides reducing man-made EMFs in the home to create sacred space and bring peace, meditations to still the mind can be powerful to reconnect with your well-being and balance. It allows the well-being feeling (our true nature and song) to shine through!

The song of life is the song (frequencies) that run through all of life on Earth. It is the giver of life and vital frequencies. Without it we would not exist. In our modern world, we aren't taught about this song and how to tap into it at any time to feel extraordinary benefits. The song has been drowned out - not only by our own conditioned minds, but by all the external noisiness and busyness in our lives. Once we connect to the song of life, it is in the forefront of the mind and the noisiness seems to move to the background.

When I first began meditating, I was surprised at the immediate positive results I had without much practice or taking much time. I think it was because I saw a special place in my mind to go to when I meditated. My brain is used to this place now and what it means. It makes it easy to click back to the special place and feel the benefits. Just like any practice (or like EMFs themselves), the results are cumulative. You can start with just one minute of meditation and build from there.

Experience tapping into the song of life and feel your well-being now!

If you can do this outside in a favorite spot, great. If not, no worries. Nature is everywhere around us - inside the home too. Here is one version of the meditation to get you started:

  • Take a few moments to center yourself and take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.

  • As the mind quiets, simply begin to feel your body and heart. Sink in as feels natural. Just watch any thoughts that move through.

  • Now visualize large blue curtains in front of you of any shade and any material. You notice the curtains are closed, but they move softly in the breeze.

  • Walk over to the curtains and begin to open them. You realize that the curtains were actually the sky itself and you've opened a window in the sky and are seeing beyond ordinary reality into what is behind reality. Everything is still and empty. The possibilities are endless here, but we'll focus on the frequency of well-being. Say "well-being" to yourself a few times to see how it feels. Are you feeling the frequency yet?

  • I like to focus on the stillness and emptiness of the sky at dusk or dawn. At this point I usually feel a shift in my head and body - a relaxed feeling. My mind starts to feel relief as it doesn't have the monkey running it! As I continue, the feelings usually shift and I may feel happy, blissful, calm, etc. All of these are nourishing frequencies for the body and mind. Enjoy!

  • I stay here as long as seems natural. Sometimes it's only a few minutes or sometimes it's longer. Sometimes my mind is more still than other times, but it is all perfect.

  • If the meditation doesn't work the first time, keep on trying! Consider creating a recording of these bullet points to guide you.

  • Customize the meditation to your liking. Do you prefer a door to the unseen reality? A tree reaching for an opening sky? The sky is the limit, ha!

  • Once you tap into that well-being feeling, know that you have tapped into the song of life - the song of all songs. The origin of all frequencies. You can visit as often as you like. And you may hear it calling you back...

Your song of well-being is the source of your shine! Immerse yourself in shine!


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