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Budgies ~ Little Bundles of Big Joy

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Many turns of the Earth ago, my dad was out in nature taking photos when he found an adorable green and yellow budgie. He must have escaped from his human family and ended up in the wild. He was weak and probably not so far off from being lunch for a bird of prey. My dad was able to catch him. When I first saw him, I immediately fell in love with the little fellow and named him Guacamole II. (Guacamole I was my cousin's parrot.) I bought the biggest cage possible for him and took him home. In time he warmed up to me as much as he could; always being a bit traumatized from his outdoor adventure.

Growing up I had dogs and a cat and a beta fish and a hamster (but not all at the same time!) At one point my brother had two cockatiels, but I had never had a bird. Suddenly I was a bird parent. I looked at Guacamole in awe - what a precious and delicate angel bird. How could I possibly take good care of him? I took it very seriously. I suddenly felt unlike I had ever felt with a pet - that I wouldn't be able to take care of him as well as I wanted. He was so dainty and delicate. "Can humans take care of birds well enough?" I would think to myself. I had generally been against having caged birds all my life. Birds belong in the wild - birds belong flying in the sky. But Guacamole and other domesticated birds like him can't survive in the wild obviously. It's like they are sacrificing themselves to be close to and in service to us. They have given up what is natural to birds to be our companions and nature teachers. (And boy do we need them more than ever!)

At the time Guacamole flew into my life, I wasn't into animals as being signs from nature. But looking back, All of my budgies (4 total) have brought so much life and joy into my life that I never would have expected. Guacamole has since left this realm to rejoin his budgie family and today Ixi, a gorgeous pale blue budgie, is my budgie angel companion. (Her name is short for Ixchel the Mayan goddess no less!) She chirps at the perfect moments when I say something as if to be the resounding, "Yes!" of my consciousness. Birds read energy. Better than most humans I bet. Whenever I say (or think) something and she chirps; I know it's something to pay attention to. It always relates to joy, fun, or truth. The rest is just nonsense! Budgies are teachers of joy and are waiting for us to get onboard with them!

Budgies come in many colors; it is as if they, like other parrots, are the light of the rainbow in feathered form. Their scientific name is Melopsittacus undulatus. Melopsittacus means 'melodious parrot' and undulatus means 'wave patterned' given the wavy lines on their heads.¹ Some have called them "song birds with wavy lines."

All budgies I imagine, have a lightness of heart (since that is what is required to soar!) Although domesticated budgies spend so much time in cages, they still exude a deep joy of life. Can you imagine being stuck in a cage most of the time and being happy? It's hard to imagine. Yet having EMF sensitivities can feel like being caged in at times. Budgies are wonderful examples of feeling joyous in circumstances where you feel caged in, stuck, or unable to move forward. Budgies help to brighten your day regardless. Call on the energy of the budgie when you feel like you've lost your joy. Joy helps one see the way out of the "stuckness."

Budgies also help you be just a bit more silly than normal. The general culture in the western world is so serious and dampened down. Budgies bring a spark of life with their silliness and fun. They allow their spirits to shine through without holding back. We could all use more of that!

I'm humbled by my beautiful budgie and the joy she radiates. She has sacrificed not being with her budgie family and in the wild lands to live in a domesticated environment (with strange energies no less!) All of this to bring a lot more joy to my life and to teach me to be joyous in easy or hard circumstances. That is a big gift from a small, yet joyfully powerful bird. I'm definitely part of the bird tribe!

Joy = shine! Remember pets are even more sensitive to energies than humans generally are. A low (or no) man-made EMF environment is best for pets. Give them song-shine! Keep them healthy!


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