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Before I Knew Electro-sensitivity Was a Thing

Below is an excerpt from my journal in 2014 (edited). At the time I didn't know I was experiencing issues that had a name. The symptoms didn't stay. This was written at a time when they were most annoying, but I forgot about them later. I was living near the first cell tower that I believe adversely affected me along with having wifi for the first time. Several years ago when I revisited my journal, I was surprised to see I may have also been having chemical sensitivities to fabric softener and artificial scents. It is common for both things to go hand in hand. These days, I generally don't like artificial scents, but they don't bother me as mentioned. At the tipping point of my EMF sensitivity in 2019, I wasn't overly sensitive to smells.

Recently there has been trouble with my senses. I'm used to being sensitive but the volume has been turned up and some moments can be uncomfortable at best, almost intolerable at worst. For a moment I was seriously thinking I needed a "woman cave" or a retreat (like the photo!) to escape to for the rest of my life. Sensitives can become ultra sensitives, who knew?

Normal noises were too loud. Certain artificial scents, especially perfume and fabric softener, were driving me crazy. Being around certain people felt unbearable. But the final straw was a hanging lamp in my kitchen. Every time I walked underneath it, it was as if my crown chakra was being accosted by the light. It was uncomfortable enough that I had to walk around it. It was strange that the light wasn't bothering my eyes. Who has heard of light bothering the crown chakra? I had been meditating quite a bit, was my energy too open?

It became obvious that I needed to turn my energetic shielding techniques up a notch, or a few. This is what would happen on any typical day - I would wake up on the right side of the bed, drive to where I needed to go, then once I was around significant numbers of people, I suddenly felt bad - uncomfortable or sad or irritated, or whatever the people around were feeling - you name it. I was being brought down by people. They didn't uplift me.

At this point it was really important to immediately tune in to myself (be present and watch). This helps to prevent a bad day from getting worse. It seems I've decided to be a psychic sponge on some level that I don't understand. First, I get grounded - physically if possible, or by visualization. Next comes energetic shielding. My favorite technique is to surround myself with white light, then true blue (looks like an egg shaped aura), then surround the true blue aura with the violet flame. When this works like a charm, then the energy/emotions felt are very likely not mine. Then I can get on with my day - on the right side of the bed! I have found this works like a charm more often than not. And if it doesn't work that is okay too, but no need to experience other people's bad days if I don't have to. :)

Note: Below is a resource I used to help me with the sensitivities. The article mentioned (link below) is quite amazing. I highly recommend reading it.

Information about sensitivity started popping up around me. An article called Developing Positive Sensitivity by Dr. Kyra Mesich talks about empathic people and how using Yarrow flower essence can help set positive boundaries. Yes, for some reason empathic peeps can have less than desirable energetic boundaries sometimes. For me, things got uncomfortable enough that I had to take action, like the universe was poking at me to learn something.

From the article:

"All people have been wounded by living in our callous, overly-focused-on-money, overly-intellectual, alienating, stimulus-overloaded world. For some people it causes a lot of "bleeding" (of energy), and for others the result is stagnation; they become hardened. So Yarrow helps circulate the energy."

It continues:

"As Yarrow literally stops bleeding and "knits" the skin together, in the case of a sensitive person, it stops the bleeding/merging of the aura—into the surrounding emotional environment—and knits it back together."

Other notes from 2014:

The uncomfortable feelings and emotions felt in the presence of certain other people is ultimately about me, not them. I've seen where peeps sometimes believe it is about other people and their "negativity." (We all have negativity so this makes me laugh). This is teaching me where I am being a psychic sponge and to cut it out for my own good. I immediately bought some Yarrow flower essence. I've been using it for maybe a couple of months now but will need to take them longer. But so far so good. There have been improvements doing this and the shielding.

I've been noticing an expansion of psychic abilities - an increase in clairaudience, the ability to see energy, telepathy, overall "knowing" things, feeling things and energy, etc. I've also felt another increase in compassion and empathy towards others. While some of this may sound great, it is a process and something to adjust to. It isn't all rainbows and unicorns.

Final note: As I look back on what I wrote 9 years ago, a few points come to mind. (1) Before this, I do not recall having any issues with feeling electric fields from lighting. (2) There may be a correlation between increased abilities to sense energy (or other spiritual gifts) and being able to sense electromagnetic fields. That said, I don't believe this means that sensitives are doomed to feel man-made EMFs. It's just that we are not living in a society that knows how to nurture the energy body to maintain or create health. (But this is changing and there are energy healers who can help.) The key to healing from electro-sensitivity will be found in nature and in the ability to correct the body's energy fields when they are not in alignment with health,

Look to nature to shine!


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