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ALARA - A Fairy and A Prince-iple

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Unless we're lucky enough to live deep in the forest completely surrounded by health giving energy or in some sort of bubble, we are living in man-made EMF pollution soup, ugh! It can sometimes feel like we can't escape EMFs and sometimes we can't. But we are able to create living environments low in man-made EMF that support our health, daily detox and recovery.

Some time ago, in my online research about EMFs I stumbled across the ALARA prince-iple when it comes to radiation exposure. (I do know how to spell 'principle', I'm just trying to have some fun with the super dry topic of man-made EMFs!) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states:

The guiding principle of radiation safety is “ALARA”. ALARA stands for “as low as reasonably achievable”. This principle means that even if it is a small dose, if receiving that dose has no direct benefit, you should try to avoid it.

I thought that this statement was amazing until I realized it was only used for one type of man-made radiation - ionizing. Common types of ionizing radiation are x-rays and CT scans. Ionizing radiation is that which is powerful enough that it can knock electrons out of an atom and cause damage. Yep, we all know the dangers here when visiting the dentist for example.

However, there is also non-ionizing radiation which is emitted by wifi routers, cell phones, cell towers, smart meters and other wireless devices. This type of radiation is less powerful than ionizing, but does this mean it's safe? (Hint: There are many studies, and my own body that is like an EMF meter that say no, it's not.)

What is so interesting about the CDC quote is "if the dose has no direct benefit, you should try to avoid it." This could be said for all types of man-made radiation in my opinion. What are the benefits of receiving non-ionizing man-made radiation? I've never come across any benefits and only have come across much literature about the dangers. The CDC should add non-ionizing radiation to this guide.

Further, the CDC states about implementing the ALARA prince-iple:

"To do this, you can use three basic protective measures in radiation safety: time, distance and shielding."

These are the same measures taught to me by a Building Biologist and a medical intuitive regarding man-made non-ionizing EMFs (such as wifi).

  1. When you are starting to feel sensitive, your time in man-made EMFs may need to be limited.

  2. The further away from a source of EMFs such as a router, the better.

  3. If these measures are not enough, shielding may be the answer. One example of basic shielding is to buy a router cage which reduces the amount of wireless EMFs into your home.

Alara the Fairy

As I was diving deeper into researching ALARA, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across the Turkish water fairy by the same name. It came as a nice break after wading through the energetically thick-as-mud articles about EMF I was pouring over. The fairy's energy felt light and fun in contrast.

Alara the fairy, they say, lives by a lake, not just any lake but the incredible Lake Baikal, the largest, oldest and deepest lake in the world. She has beautiful butterfly wings made of light that sprinkle water. Just as the overall goal of the ALARA principle is to reduce radiation (the fire element) she is seeking to tame fire in the form of the water element. She grants wishes to those who seek her. I close my eyes and make a wish - "I wish that we'd wise up to what we are doing to our planet and ourselves."

One of Alara's more impressive powers is that she can remove greed and hate from people's hearts. In its place she helps them hold love in their hearts. We could sure use more of that these days!

Implementing ALARA

In my quest to reduce man-made EMF pollution in my home and balance the elements, I've kept ALARA in mind (both the radiation principle and the water fairy).

Here are some of the ways I implemented the ALARA radiation prince-iple in my home:

  • Computers: I use an ethernet internet connection instead of using wifi. Wifi is disabled on all computers. I could no longer find a good reason to have wifi polluting the natural energy of my home. The difference in the feel of the energy is palpable. It immediately felt more peaceful and zen. If you're looking to add peace to your home, put this on the top of your list. :)

  • Router: Although the wifi is disabled, funny enough it will pop on at times. I have called AT&T several times and they have no idea why. Due to this I have the router in a metal cage for when it feels like being naughty.

  • Phones: I use a landline, the healthiest phone on the planet. I keep my cell phone on airplane mode since EMF emitted from phones continues to run intermittently even when the phone is on, but not being used. This is sending needless EMF pollution into the environment.

  • Other wireless devices like my printer are wifi disabled. I don't need the wired functionality anyway. (I don't even print once a week, so it doesn't need to run 24/7.) The level of radiation given off by the printer was similar to my cell phone.

  • iPod - Always on airplane mode since it doesn't need to be wireless. I hardly do anything with it except listen to music.

  • I will not buy any 'smart' devices or appliances. I have no interesting in starting my washer or dryer with my phone.

  • Car: All wireless, bluetooth, etc. has been disabled.

Keep in mind that there is layer upon layer of EMF in most homes these days and each source may need to be reduced or removed. All the excess EMF pollution is like running your car's engine and letting the exhaust pollute the environment when you're not driving.

Despite the fact that most of my home is very low in EMFs, I still have some EMF pollution which is why I like the ALARA principle. It is impossible for most to completely eliminate EMF, therefore you do the best you can. Make the principle your own by discerning and deciding how much EMF is right for you. Maybe you are the type that says, "Bring it all on!" or maybe you are the type that can feel the frequencies too and needs to cut back.

In my case, part of my home's alarm system is wireless. I tested the devices and found them to be low enough for my liking. Also, my neighbor's wifi still travels into parts of my home. Since I don't spend too much time in those rooms, it isn't such a big deal.

Earth's Energies Heal, Man-Made EMF Falls Short

Alara (the fairy) is a reminder that the natural energies of the earth are here to support our health. Mud was just one example! We know the positive benefits of negative ions which are abundant in nature. We know the benefits of natural aromatherapy and forest bathing. For some, the practice of grounding (going barefoot on the Earth) is healing. Getting a bit of sun is good for the heart and soul.

When we are immersed in the energy of nature, we are in alignment with the Earth's frequencies which are natural to our bodies and what we have evolved with.

Man-made EMF pollution is new on the scene in comparison and we haven't learned all of the consequences of these frequencies. Although these frequencies are part of nature as a whole, the dosage is out of balance. (Nature would never emit this frequency on its own.) I trust that nature knows best.

If you are sensitive to energy and enjoy peace and quiet, you'll be able to feel the difference between a home polluted with EMF and one that isn't. Caution: Even if you could go back to an EMF polluted home, you may never want to go back! It's kinda like breaking a bad habit...once you feel how supportive nature's energies are in your home, you can never imagine it any other way.

As for Alara, she has some water-wise tips to help stay balanced in EMFs: stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating fresh veggies, especially cucumbers and other high water content veggies. Mist yourself with fragrant floral waters for fun. (If you are a static electricity generator, this may help tame the static!) Visit a clean lake, ocean, etc. to bathe in natural waters. Enjoy hot springs and of course a mud bath!

As for the ALARA guiding prince-iple, it is a guiding light. Coherent energy is the foundation of health. I deserve the highest quality energy around me.

The ALARA guiding prince-iple keeps you shining!


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