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A Secret Cause of Stress

There is a secret cause of stress lurking in most homes that few are talking about. It can’t be seen and it has no smell. Only a small percentage of people can feel it and know they can feel it. A greater percentage may be feeling it, yet don’t know that they are. Only the most sensitive ears can detect it, and probably they are only detecting a tiny fraction of its presence.

If you mention this stressor to most people on the street, they would look at you as if you were a bit crazy. But alas, its time just hasn’t come yet...

I know, I know. This is probably the last thing you want to hear about these days. There’s enough obvious stress going on in the world, we certainly don’t need secret stress too!

A few more clues about this stressor:

  • It was welcomed into your home without question

  • You willingly pay for this stressor to be in your life

  • It pollutes the airspace of your home

  • It has no health benefits

  • In most homes it runs 24/7, never giving the body a break

What is this silent, secret cause of stress? Man-made electro-magnetic pollution given off by cell phones, modems/routers and many other wireless devices in our lives. These devices are surrounding people with 1,000,000,000,000,000x the amount of frequencies our ancestors were exposed to.¹ Of course this would be a stressor!

The experts say that EMFs create subliminal stress. Most people are not able to detect them, but the wisdom of the body can. In order to maintain health, the body requires natural earth energy which are coherent frequencies. (Read my post Song Unheard and subsequent posts). EMFs are not coherent. I believe the body identifies EMFs as foreign. It’s static on the lines so to speak that the body has to deal with.

“Electromagnetic fields (EMF), in both ELF (extremely low frequency) and radio frequency (RF) ranges, activate the cellular stress response, a protective mechanism that induces the expression of stress response genes, and increased levels of stress proteins.”² ~Martin Blank, Department of Physiology, Columbia University

In some ways it’s unfortunate that the toxicity of EMFs is not able to be seen or felt easily. If we were able to see them or feel them easily, we wouldn’t be covering our world with them. I mean, would you deliberately pollute your home? No. Would you want to increase the amount of stress on your body and in your life? If you care about your body, of course not.

With the monumental amounts of stress in our world, especially in the past few years, having an additional secret stressor is something most would prefer not to have! To me, reducing or removing as much EMF from the home is one of the best self-care moves you can make these days. Then your home can exude a peaceful feeling and your body will be able to enjoy more of the relaxing, beneficial earth frequencies.

Below are some of the things I experienced when my body was over-stressed by EMF pollution:

  • Problems sleeping

  • Feeling overstimulated, like it is hard to rest

  • Dragging through the day

  • Poor stress response – Other stressors that really aren’t normally a big deal, may feel like a big deal.

  • Not feeling like myself. I lost my shine!

If you are sensitive like I am, you may hear the high-pitched sounds from electronic devices. I remember hearing them so distinctly one day while watching TV. No one else could hear them. I asked if we could turn the TV off to see if the sound went away, and it did. If only everyone could hear them, it would be so much easier to explain! At the time I didn’t know that meters existed to measure these frequencies. Once people hear them, they usually start to understand the issue a bit better.

I believe the greater plan with these man-made energies is that they are a teaching tool for humanity. Many people don’t realize they have an energy body that is affected by the energies around us – natural and man-made. We have been raised to believe in a 3D world which is far from an accurate picture of reality. I believe understanding energy as the foundation of life will be one of the grand lessons of the next decade.

Lower stress, be well and shine on!


[1] “Thriving With Technology Podcast: Professor Olle Johansson: The OG EMF Researcher Is Worried About The Future.”, 2021,

[2] “Electromagnetic fields stress living cells.” Elsevier Ireland Ltd, 2009,


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