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A Dark Tower Arrives at the Briar

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Jen's note: In this post I refer to Mordor, a place in J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth mythologies. Just like it sounds, Mordor is the home of the dark side. It means the "dark land." In Mordor there was the Dark Tower. Cell towers to me are the dark towers of present times since they are a physical manifestation of a disrespect for the laws of nature and its inhabitants. They represent a lack of understanding of the basic electro-magnetic nature of our bodies. Our bodies thrive on nature's energies; there are no known benefits to man-made EMF such as wireless.

An excerpt from my 2019 journal:

The day was damp and calm after the rains had past. From the earth arose an intoxicating earthy smell - the smell of health and balance. The air was full of feel-good negative ions which were a stark contrast to the dry feeling inside my home. The sun's rays would start to shine from behind the dark clouds and then recoil as if nature couldn't decide which type of day it wanted to be - light or dark. Which side was pulling more weight? The birds sang loud like a symphony bringing joy and happiness as they always do after the rains quieted their song. Their songs always lighten the heart. A good sign. Yet, the sun was behind the clouds again.

It was seemingly a typical day in this area of town called Briar, which is it's true name. It's jokingly also called the Shire only because it rhymes, has beautiful twisted vines, and it happens to be close to the soft rolling hills of a golf course. Not that that has anything to do with the Shire other than whenever I gaze out on the golf course, I can't help but imagine that some day those rolling hills would make perfect Hobbit homes complete with beautiful, round wooden doors. In my mind dance other visions for the golf course including garden plots, a food forest, and natural parks brimming with local wildlife. I'm a Hobbit at heart. I chuckle, laughing at my own "joke" remembering how I had told the HOA president that I thought the golf course would make a great food forest. Just planting seeds in the mind for the future!

I hopped in my car to run a routine errand, following the familiar route traced many times. As I made my way down the hill and past the golf course, the tall, green trees, standing guard along the road looked especially vibrant after the rains. In the distance, palms swayed gently and gracefully with the wind. Then the peaceful scene was unexpectedly interrupted by a silver glare that caught my eye as it shown in the sun, contrasted by the dark clouds behind it. It stood there out of place amongst the trees in the skyline like an unwelcome visitor. The sun was reflecting off what seemed like a metallic surface as if it were highlighting something important.

"What is that?" I thought to myself. It seemed like a light post I'd never seen. As I made my way toward the post, it was indeed a light post, but also a cell tower. I gasped at the sight, which was an understatement because really the words used that day were more fit for a dwarf than a Hobbit and will therefore be omitted so as not to offend.

I felt a slight panic and still couldn't believe my eyes. I had just been forced to work from home because of the tower right by my office, how could this be? It seemed like some sort of cruel joke, but it was true. On this day a dark tower of Mordor arrived at the fringes of my beloved Briar.

Thoughts started to zoom through my head, which was still trying to reconcile the tower card mentioned in my first blog post. I felt worried. What if I had to move? Would I have to shield my entire house? What if I couldn't heal up because of this? Were the 5G towers next? A dark cloud set in, exactly what the dark, unconscious wants.

"Then at last his gaze was held: wall upon wall, battlement upon battlement, black, immeasurably strong, mountain of iron, gate of steel, tower of adamant, he saw it: Barad-dûr (the Dark Tower). All hope left him." ~Frodo the Hobbit's vision from The Fellowship of the Ring

A few days later I learned from a Building Biologist that since I can't see the tower from my home, I may be fine and that my exposure to the inaudible man-made EMF racket could be minimal. I breathed a sigh of relief. (As far as I can tell three years later, this is true.) There are many other homes in the way of the tower to help block the signals that actually reach my home. Great for me, but what about them?

The distance from my home to the tower as a bird flies is about half a mile. It made me cringe to think of the people, pets, wild animals, birds, plants, bees, and the other members of our natural ecosystem whose lives will be disrupted as the dark tower does its job relentlessly feeding the wireless leading-to-nowhere mania, building a man-made electro-magnetic cage around everything. I thought again of the people who live so close to the tower. It didn't seem fair that they are not told about the destructive possibility this energy holds, especially over time. Those who find out are the lucky few, able to make adjustments with all sides of the story as their intuition guides them.

Dark energy isn't necessarily bad if it can be used for positive empowerment, learning, and discerning. However our culture is not schooled on healthy energies or the light and dark or the unseen like native cultures. So the dark tower's energy can parade on - its source visible for all eyes to see, yet its energies hidden from psyches not ready to take the plunge into the unseen, or in this case, the unheard.

Although the birds sang their songs of light, on this day the dark seemingly won. Yet everything is transitory. One day the land will be native again and not have to contend with the foreign frequencies that do not create life or health. As we learned from the Lord of the Rings, all towers eventually crumble. "But how long would it take," I wondered. I also wondered how long it would take for golf courses, huge consumers of water in this desert, drought prone land, to be converted into native lands again. (With maybe a few food forests for the community!) In the meantime, the dark energy will continue on doing its job and hopefully wake more people up who are ready to understand what they are doing to themselves, their families, their pets and their neighborhoods.

Once I got home, the sun was out and the birds were still singing their spring songs. In the air was a fresh feeling that everything will be fine as long as I learn how to calm my sensitivities and keep in tune with my intuition.


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