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How Electronics Drain Energy

Updated: May 29, 2022

At one time or another many people have felt an energy drain from being on the computer or a device for too long, but what is really happening to cause this? In life, many things can drain our energy, but how electronics drain energy is particularly interesting. The overall theme of this blog is how nature's energy (healthy electro-magnetic frequencies) supports our own energy and vitality. In fact, we are nothing without the energetic support of nature. In that way, we are nature. Electronics however, use and give off the exact opposite energy - man-made electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF). While nature's energies are smooth and coherent, man-made energies are incoherent and chaotic. Some people are more susceptible than others to the effects of these energies.

The Western world is a very mind based paradigm. We are rewarded for using the mind over listening to the heart. Being on a computer all day every day is an example of this paradigm in action. Since most people are in their minds all day, energy tends to collect in the head and upper body. The energy flows where the attention goes. In other words, being in your mind without being mindful of how you feel or not being aware to ground yourself can be un-grounding!

I once heard someone say that most of the Western world is lit up like a Christmas tree from the mid-body up. (This person was able to see energies others couldn't see.) People are lit up due not only to an imbalance (overuse) of the mind's energy, but from the EMFs given off by electronics which are right in these areas of the body when we work on them. The head is near a screen of some sort or a smartphone. Our hands are typing on a keyboard or on a tablet, etc. If we could all see energy we'd probably make much wiser decisions.

The body is not always able to ground all of the man-made energy from electronics. Energy medicine practitioners are well aware that man-made EMF can knock you off your ground. Why can't the body ground all the energy from electronics? Sometimes there are blockages in the person's energy field or the person has had trauma (who hasn't!) and they are not completely in their body energetically. Really, the body was not made to be around these frequencies constantly. The body is taking on too much man-made EMF which is not vital energy, but the opposite kind. Man-made EMF is taking the place of where nature's vital energies would normally be able to travel through the body giving it more of that feel good energy.

Have you ever tuned into yourself when you're drained? Think about that next time you've been on the computer for awhile. Here is what I've noticed. Of course my energy is lower and slower. I don't feel like I'm seated in my heart since I'm focused on mind activities. It's almost like being in a zombie state where my eyes begin to glaze over. I get thirsty. EMFs are the fire element (of the Chinese 5 element system) and fire evaporates water. I will slouch and have poor posture which is more aggravating to the energy flow. I'll feel cranky. Basically, I have nature deficit disorder!

I also sense that there is another interesting phenomenon going on out there. Remember the those from my last blog post who can innocently steal energy? Not only do they steal feel good energy from you, but their energy can try to seek ground through you if they can't find their own ground. They have excess charge due to heavy electronics use and carry a heavy man-made EMF load that will naturally look for the closest ground, which may be through you. (Think of lightning seeking ground. It's a similar concept.) In that process your grounded energy is stolen to balance out their off-balance energy. That means you have less natural earth energy to ground the man-made EMFs in your field. Ideally they do the work to learn how to take care of their own energy system.

What to do:

  • Take breaks to be in nature.

  • Ground yourself or visualize yourself being grounded if you can't actually do it physically.

  • Tune into your heart.

  • Remember to breathe since that helps to move energy through the body. Westerners are generally shallow breathers which adds to the issue.

  • Stretch to move the energy through.

  • Look into energy medicine practices that help you flush energies out of the body such as this one:

Stay shiny!


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