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Electro-sensitivity: A Woo Point of View

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

There are so many points of view that swirl around regarding man-made EMF, such as wireless technology. Some love the science that says there isn't any risk, which I might add is mostly the tech companies. Some love the science that says there is reason to believe there is risk. Since science is divisive, my point of view is simply that, looking around at the state of the world, humans haven't exactly been working in partnership with nature or respecting nature for many centuries. Collectively it's as if we don't understand nature or the workings of our bodies at all. (Think plastics, GMOs, pesticides, aspertame, etc.) Usually such human inventions should be avoided as much as possible and that's my take with man-made EMF. The lack of understanding how nature works is the big red flag. No science is needed.

Then there's woo. What is woo? Woo is anything that is outside of the small, tidy box of reality we were born into. Woo is generally outside of the scientific community, but in some circles there is overlap, like with quantum physics. Feeling EMFs is definitely woo because the medical establishment hasn't even caught up to the fact we have energy bodies and we have emotions. (I know, right? How old school can you get?) Woo is great because what is woo today is fact tomorrow, at least with some things. I love woo, but one thing is for sure - if you open your mind a bit too much, your brain is apt to fall out and we don't want that. But woo is great because honestly, the matrix can be dull and boring. I get why we have monumental drug and alcohol issues - people are looking for woo. I mean there is way more to life than baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. Practicing the right woo can give us deep connection and a feeling of fulfillment that well, the matrix cannot.

So what does this have to do with man-made EMFs? Well, being a bit woo myself, one of the first things I did when I became sensitive was to consult with my trusted intuitives who had solid track records when they helped me with other life challenges over many years. What I found out was, well, not what I wanted to hear.

The main consensus was that man-made EMFs are 3D energies and we can move into 5D and not be affected by them. Huh? I mean, I love this idea - it's so boundless and magical. Many in the woo-ville (not to be confused with WhoVille) know that the Earth is upgrading her energies as we speak and so must humanity. But we aren't there yet. I mused and fussed over this idea for awhile. Am I just not getting it? What does this mean? How could I do this? Then things became clear. The problem with their answer is that (1) they are not electro-sensitive to test it out (2) they have actually never done this themselves (3) they didn't offer a roadmap on how to do this, even it it was for another issue besides electro-sensitivity.

This 5D point of view, when it comes to electro-sensitivity, is at best a theory. I mean, all day everyday I have to interact with the 3D level of reality so how would my body be in 5D all day and protected from man-made EMF? When I'm in meditation I have felt at times that I'm not in 3D, but that is while meditating only. I've also felt this with some energy healing modalities, but bringing that reality back into the everyday is a challenge. Meditation surely helps with stress relief which can help all areas of life including reducing EMF sensitivity. That is clear. I have read books about meditation journeys where people came back healed, but that isn't what was mentioned in this case.

Now, what I do believe is that the body can heal and get over its adverse reaction to man-made EMFs, but this is in the realm of 3D. That is something I'm much more comfortable with because of my direct experience. For example, if I'm in a great mood, I have better resilience to all incoherent energies, even EMF. So for now, I'm putting the 5D theory aside until someone actually teaches this and I experience it for myself. (If you hear of anyone teaching this, let me know!) As with anything from woo-ville - experience and results are key.

Now the above theory is not the only one I've heard from woo-ville. It seems to be the most common though. My general take is that even people in woo-ville don't get the EMF thing completely. Intuitives can only really help with things that they have vocabulary for. Maybe they haven't read the science. Maybe they haven't heard the incoherent racket of their iPhone with an EMF meter. This is why I found the EMF topic so hidden, even to those who have more open hearts, minds and senses. *Sigh*

Another particularly troublesome belief from woo-ville is that crystals offer EMF protection, but that one is for a future article.

Woo can be great and woo can promote shine, but don't let your brain fall out!


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